The first batch of SEDIGISM papers were published at the beginning of the year and the survey data products are publicly available. Now is therefore a good time to take stock of what the survey has already accomplished and discuss what the next steps are. The focus of this workshop is to provide an up-to-date picture of current work being undertaken with the SEDIGISM data and to discuss future opportunities. Ideally we would like to develop these ideas and identify some core papers and organise teams to lead them.

Programme (pdf version available here)

All times in BST.

Day 1 (15.09.2021): Overview of survey status and published results

Chair: Ana Duarte Cabral
Time Speaker Title
14h00-14h30 Welcome and Introduction
14h30-15h00 James Urquhart Overview of survey status and core papers (slides, video)
15h00-15h30 Ana Duarte Cabral Molecular cloud catalogue (slides, video)
15h30-15h15 Break
15h45-16h15 Dario Colombo Spiral arms (slides, video)
16h15-16h45 Aiyuan Yang SEDIGISM Outflows (slides, video)
16h45-17h15 Veena V. S. Molecular Wave (slides, video)
17h15-17h30 Discussion/Closing remarks

Day 2 (16.09.2021): On-going projects

Chair: Dario Colombo
Time Speaker Title
13h00-13h15 Welcome
13h15-13h45 Michael Mattern ATLASGAL filaments and Nessie filament (slides)
13h45-14h15 Eugenio Schisano (given by Dario Colombo) Confirming HiGAL Filaments using SEDIGISM
14h15-14h45 Ke Wang Large scale filaments (slides)
14h45-15h00 Break
15h00-15h30 Kartik Neralwar Molecular Cloud Morphology (slides, video)
15h30-16h00 Thanh Dat Hoang Kinematics at different scales on ATLASGAL top-100 (slides)
16h00-16h30 Peter Barnes Multi-line radiative transfer (slides, video)
16h30-16h45 Discussion/closing remarks

Day 3 (17.09.2021): Future directions

Chair: James Urquhart
Time Speaker Title
13h00-13h15 Welcome
13h15-13h35 Veena V. S. Extended molecular ring in GC & IRDCs molecular rings (slides, video)
13h35-13h55 Juan Soler Atomic and molecular filaments
13h55-14h15 Alessio Traficante Multi-scale turbulence vs gravity
14h15-14h35 Sudeep Neupane SuperMALT
14h35-14h55 Carsten Koenig OGHReS (slides, video)
14h55-15h10 Break
15h10-15h30 Clare Dobbs Numerical sims - Exeter work and links to SEDIGISM
15h30-15h50 Alex Pettitt Numerical sims of MW (slides)
15h50-17h00 Discussion on future direction of consortium
17h00-17h30 Workshop closing remarks


This workshop has been organised by the SEDIGISM Management Team: James Urquhart (Kent), Ana Duarte Cabral (Cardiff) and Dario Colombo (MPIfR).

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